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Winnipeg Headache Sufferers Find Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Chronic headaches often leave sufferers clutching at straws. Popping pills gets expensive, and those pills are probably not doing your system any good. It is very common for frequent headaches to be debilitating – and who has time to lie down in a dark room every other day?

Studies have shown that chiropractic manipulation can actually help relieve headaches and reduce their frequency. This might seem like a surprising thing, but a surprising number of “primary” headaches – ones not associated with another health condition – turn out to be cervicogenic. That is, the root cause of the pain is not in the head at all, but in the neck. Misalignments of the upper spine affect the brain’s ability to communicate with the body, and tension in the muscles of the neck can be felt in the head. Some headaches are also caused by problems in the jaw.

Upper spine manipulation techniques such as the Blair technique can relieve headache pain and also help rebalance the entire body. A good chiropractor can also help you improve your posture and sleeping position – neck and head pain can be caused by sleeping awkwardly or by using the wrong kind of pillow, and advise on stretches to help when you sit in one place for a long time.

If you have stubborn, recurring headaches and are tired of popping pills or just plowing through the pain, then you should find out what a Winnipeg chiropractor can do to restore balance to your head and neck. A lot of people think chiropractors only help with low back pain, but they really can do something for all kinds of pain – including stubborn headaches. Even migraine sufferers often experience relief from chiropractic manipulation. Contact a good chiropractor today and schedule an evaluation to see if they can help you with your headaches.

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