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What We Help at Westwood Family Chiropractic

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At Westwood Family Chiropractic, we’re here to help you get out of pain and live your happiest, healthiest life. We aim to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for all patients regardless of the reason you are seeking our care. We want you to feel like you’re a member of our family, and that means you can expect a sense of ease, peace and warmth.

There is a broad array of concerns that our patients seek our help with. Below you can read about some of the most common and the successes we’ve had.

Isn’t it strange how easy it is to walk through life without realizing you’re uncomfortable or in pain? We groan our way through morning stiffness, shift uncomfortably at work, and don’t put our full energy into tasks because we don’t want to push ourselves. Maybe we recognize that we aren’t functioning the way we used to but believe that it’s “just a part of life,” and we’re convinced that it isn’t too much.

Until it does, indeed, become too much.

That’s probably what brought you to our website. After days, months, or maybe even years of being “just okay” and “fine,” something has finally become too much and you are NOT okay, and you need help. If that is the case, I have an important message for you: you aren’t alone.

Back pain affects approximately 80% of people at some point in their lifetime. It’s a very common complaint in most doctors’ offices and can affect anyone from any walk of life, including you. Dr. Klassen has been helping people like you for years. You won’t just get back to your old self-you’ll be on a path to a whole new you.

Before I came into the office I was in major back pain and I could barely walk. I am in the trades so my body is my income. Work was difficult to do but I struggled through it because I knew I had to work. I was exhausted and had no time for the things I love, like sports. I am ecstatic to say that after coming for a few months I am 100% better and have no more pain. I am back to working full time, making money, and more importantly doing the things I love to do.”

Herniated or slipped discs can be irritating and uncomfortable. Your arms or legs might feel numb or weaker than usual. You can have a sharp pain whenever you make certain movements. Perhaps you feel strange burning sensations.

You realize you’re not able to play sports the way you used to because of the weakness. You can’t play with your kids because you’re worried about moving the wrong way. You’re in too much pain to sleep. The irritation in your arms or legs is causing you to be distracted at work. You’re not living your life anymore; you’re just managing symptoms.

Why Your Spinal Discs Are Important

Spinal discs are the rubbery cushions that sit between each of your vertebrae in your spine. They are made up of two parts: a tougher outer ring, and a jelly-like center. Sometimes the tough outer layer can become compromised and allow that jelly center to push through and put pressure on your nerves. That can be what causes pain, numbness or weakness.

Herniated or slipped discs can become a common problem as we age. Dr. Klassen has been helping people with these issues for years. You won’t just get back to your old self-we’ll get you on the path to a new you!

I had a herniated disc and wasn’t able to perform any daily activities without pain. Every aspect of my life was being affected by the pain in my lower back. After meeting Dr. Klassen he was able to find exactly what was causing the herniated disc and the low back pain. We started to get it corrected and I have been able to get my quality of life back! I am active again and can now go for walks with my wife!”

Sciatica can feel different from person to person. You may have an ache, tingling, numbness or fiery pain. No matter what the feeling is, it stops you from living your life. It’s difficult to concentrate at work. You say no when your kids ask to play. Your favorite hobbies cause you pain. You lose sleep from physical pain and the emotional upset of feeling unable to do what you want.

You likely have started asking yourself, “Will I feel this way forever?”

The Longest Nerve in the Body

The sciatic nerve is the longest in your entire body. When it becomes pinched or compressed, you’ll have sciatic pain. The cause of the pain is from improper lifting or twisting, sitting too much, poor posture or a spinal-related injury such as herniated or bulging discs.

Who would have thought that a single nerve could cause so much distress? The good news is that you’re not suffering alone. Many people experience sciatic nerve pain in their lifetime, and we can help. Dr. Klassen will help you get on the path to a new you!

I had sciatica down into my legs and I was off work for an entire month because I was immobile not being able to sit, stand or drive. After a few months of coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team my life had completely changed! I have full mobility back, I’m back to work fulltime and I no longer have my sciatica!”

It might be a common joke at birthday parties that you must be getting older because your hips are starting to hurt. Hip pain can be troubling and take you away from life. You may experience soreness, stiffness or outright pain no matter what you do.

The Cause and Effect of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by a variety of things. If you never get it looked at, it may get worse or continue to interfere with your life. Hip pain is a common complaint among people, so you’re far from alone.
You can’t run around with your kids and pets because of the pain. Sleeping, sitting or standing are difficult to do for long periods of time and you never feel rested. The stiffness causes your focus to drift away from work or outings with friends.

Dr. Klassen has been helping people with hip pain for years. We’ll allow you to get on the path to a new, healthier you.

I highly recommend Westwood family chiropractic. When I came for treatment 2 months ago, I was in a lot of pain. Now I feel 100 times better. Staff is super nice and friendly and Dr. Klassen explains all the treatments and is very knowledgeable.”

There are many types of migraines that someone can experience. Not all are alike! All that truly matters, however, is the pain. The nausea. The constant pulsing and throbbing in your head that you just can’t escape. It can last for hours, or even days. You miss work, can’t take your dog for a walk because of the sunlight and miss out on events that can trigger a migraine. You’re stuck in bed with the lights off and a cold cloth over your eyes.

Why Migraines Occur

It is suspected that abnormal activity in the brain that is affecting nerve communication and chemicals and blood vessels in the brain is the cause of migraines. The list of triggers can be extensive, including hormonal and emotional changes, physical activity, diet, medication and environment. All these things may come together differently for each person to create a storm of pain and discomfort.

Even though you may feel like you’re stuck in this painful place, you’re not alone. Migraines affect a great deal of the population. Dr. Klassen is here to help you get out of pain and discover a whole new you.

I have suffered from migraines for almost 20 years. I had migraines 4-6 times a week and regular headaches when I didn’t have the migraines. I once had to take a week off work because I was in the hospital getting fluids through an IV. I am a very active person and the migraines stopped me from doing what I loved, and strained relationships in my life. Dr. Klassen took specific and detailed X-rays and we found that my upper cervical spine was the problem. After being a patient for just a month my migraines were reduced by 50% and they are even better now! I’m now my best self!”

Headaches are one of the most common types of pain that people experience. It’s estimated that half the human population will have experienced a headache at some point in their life. While they may not be as intense as migraines, headaches can still make your life challenging.

You realize you missed important information in a meeting because you couldn’t concentrate due to the nausea you’re feeling with the onset of a cluster headache.

You can’t enjoy a concert you’ve waited months to see because the volume of the music just feels like pounding on your brain. The sound of your children playing doesn’t bring you joy, and you feel guilty for being annoyed. You can’t remember the last time you had a full week without a headache and you just wish things could be different so you could get back to enjoying life.

Finding You a Solution

There are many kinds of headaches with all sorts of triggers. Dr. Klassen has been helping headache sufferers with chiropractic for years. You won’t just feel like your old self. You’ll feel like a whole new you!

Before coming to the clinic I was plagued with headaches multiple times a week. I have been struggling with them for as long as I can remember. They had gotten so bad to the point where my mood was affected, I often felt sick to my stomach and taking care of my children seemed like a chore. I had just gotten to a breaking point where I knew this was affecting nearly every aspect of my life. I went from having multiple headaches a week to 3 headaches since I have been treated by Dr. Klassen. In only a few months I have regained a huge portion of my life back without having to manage daily headaches.”


Neck pain is a funny thing. It’s a common complaint for a lot of people. Maybe we sleep in a strange position, move our neck awkwardly while playing a sport or have ongoing stiffness. We can keep functioning with neck pain for days, weeks, months and maybe even years before it becomes too much to handle.

Ready to Make a Change?

That’s probably what brought you here. Something changed, and now you’re acutely aware of your neck pain, you can’t ignore it anymore and it’s causing you a lot of grief. You don’t feel comfortable driving because you can’t properly shoulder check. You’re having trouble sleeping because you can’t find a comfortable position for your neck. It’s almost impossible to play with your kids the way you want to because you’re worried about hurting yourself further.

Neck pain can be caused by a multitude of things. Our necks support and balance a 10-pound head with not a lot of help from other muscles. Poor posture, injuries, worn joints and nerve compression can be contributing factors to neck pain. You need your neck every day and feel helpless when you can’t move or do things for yourself.

We have good news for you!

Neck pain is a common complaint of people from all walks of life. You’re not alone. Dr. Klassen has been addressing neck pain for years through chiropractic care. Instead of feeling like your old self, how about becoming a better version of you?

Before coming to see Dr. Klassen I had neck pain and had tried other options to try and help with the pain to no avail. Once I came into Westwood Family Chiropractic, I found that my spine was not in the correct position and my Atlas was out. Once Dr. Klassen started to correct my spine the rest of my pain went away! I am now able to work construction without any pain!”

Numbness and tingling are tricky sensations. They could start anywhere: your hands, fingers, feet, legs or shoulders. They might not seem to bother you too much at first, but then it starts to feel persistent. You begin to realize that the sensations never stop. They’re always there, always just under the surface.
You notice that you’re having difficulty feeling a certain part of your body. You start to obsess over whether you’re feeling sensations properly. You lose your focus at work or important events because you’re focused on the ever-present sensations. You start to avoid activities you enjoy because you’re worried about making it worse. You lose sleep because of the constant worrying that this will get worse, or never go away.

Finding the Reason for Your Condition

Numbness and tingling can be caused by many things but is often traced back to the damage, irritation, or compression of your nerves. Even the smallest bit of pressure on your smallest nerve can have a big impact on your body.

Dr. Klassen has years of experience in helping people find relief from numbness and tingling. He can help you get back to your old self and on a path to a healthier you!

Before coming to the clinic I was struggling with numbness and tingling in both my arms, as well as other pains in my neck and back. Being a person who loves to drive, these symptoms scared me, because of my pain and numbness if was making it hard for me to drive… not to mention I would drop things all the time. In just months my pain, numbness and tingling have all gone away. I am able to drive and maintain my everyday activities. I am able to sew again and have gotten back all of the things that were taken away from me. Dr. Klassen has helped me get back my confidence in doing everyday things.”

Carpal tunnel syndrome can seem to creep up on you. It starts as a little bit of numbness and tingling that comes and goes. Then, those sensations seem to linger, and your arm begins to ache. Along with that aching comes weakness in your hands. After a while, you’re not sure what to do anymore. You use your hands for so many little things every day, and it begins to wear on you.

You can’t work because of pain. The aching keeps you up at night and constantly exhausted. You can’t play with your dog or children anymore.

What We Can Do for You

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the compression of the median nerve in the arm. It goes through the carpal tunnel in your wrists and out to your thumb and fingers. The nerve may be compressed in more than one place, causing Double Crush Syndrome.

One of the most common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive strain. Though common, you don’t need to try to cope alone. Dr. Klassen has been helping people with carpal tunnel syndrome for years. He’ll help you get on the path to a new, healthier you!

No gimmicks; the treatment I’ve received has improved my quality of life three fold, and I have a greater understanding of what works for my body and what doesn’t. I’ve learnt it’s my responsibility to look after my body and not wait till it breaks, awesome staff and Dr Klassen other than knowing what he teaches is a true gent always has time for all his Chiropractic Family.”


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