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Westwood Family Chiropractic in Winnipeg, Helps Migraine Headache Sufferers Get Fast Relief

Migraines and other chronic headaches often do not respond well to traditional medicine. Chiropractic care can provide an answer for many patients.  

Migraines are chronic, severe headaches for which there is no cure – patients are often debilitated for days and may have to take large quantities of medication to stave off symptoms.

A Winnipeg chiropractor can often help sufferers of migraines and other chronic headaches. Studies show that chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain more than medications. Also, chiropractors practice holistic medicine, which means they are often better equipped to advise on lifestyle changes and avoiding triggers such as stress and certain foods. (The best way to resolve migraines is to, as much as possible, isolate and remove the environmental triggers causing them).

Westwood Family Chiropractic’s Dr. Riley Klassen has the experience needed to treat migraines – and has personal experience with the condition as a sufferer himself. He understands how debilitating the condition can be and has the skills needed to resolve symptoms and help people get their life back. He offers gentle chiropractic care with a results-driven approach that can help with a variety of chronic conditions, including migraines. As there is no cure for migraines and the drugs needed to control them have side effects and can be addictive, chiropractic care is often the best option to help manage the condition. A lot of people who do not experience migraines do not understand how bad they can be, with symptoms that also include visual problems, dizziness and nausea.

Sufferers from migraine headaches should consider contacting Westwood Family Chiropractic for a consultation to help isolate the cause of the migraines and resolve it so that they can return to a healthy, pain-free life, enjoying all the activities they enjoy.

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