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Westwood Family Chiropractic in Winnipeg, Helps Hundreds Get out of Pain Fast

Understanding Pain the Key to Finding Natural Relief

Pain is a silent epidemic that is holding our society down. Whether you suffer with chronic pain that disrupts your day or simply an achy feeling that never goes away doesn’t matter. If you experience pain on a regular basis you know the havoc in can have on your life.
Finding permanent relief for pain is possible. But first you have to understand the kind of pain you are experiencing.

Acute or Chronic?

Did a sudden burst of pain hit you knee while doing something? This type of acute pain is usually the sign of an injury. Acute pain is a sudden onset of pain that is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Chronic pain, however, is an ongoing type of pain caused by an underlying condition or disease.

Common Types of Pain

You can feel pain anywhere in your body. But, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the four most common types of pain are:

  • Lower back pain (27%)
  • Headache and migraine (15%)
  • Neck pain (15%)
  • Facial ache or pain (4%)

Get Pain Relief at Westwood Family Chiropractic in Winnipeg

It doesn’t matter what is causing your pain, you can get quick relief with a Winnipeg chiropractor at Westwood Family Chiropractic. With a wide range of healing helps at their disposal, our trained staff knows how to figure out what is wrong and gives you relief. While standard manipulations are the most common chiropractic method used for treatment, it isn’t the only natural health aid at their disposal.

Today’s modern chiropractic care uses a variety of healing methods top help patients feel well again:

  • Manual Manipulation: by using a gentle pumping or thrusting action, the doctor can guide misaligned joints back into place.
  • Muscle Exercises: inflammation is a major cause of pain. When joints and surrounding muscles are stretched, muscles strength can be restored and inflammation can be reduced.
  • Trigger point therapy: used successfully to treat lower back pain, this type of massage helps to ease tightened muscles.
  • Ultrasound: when the cause of chronic back pain is deep in the muscles, sound waves can be sent deep into the muscles and tissues via ultrasound to help relieve stiffness and offer relief.

Every patient is unique and so is their treatment. When it comes to chiropractic care, there is no one size fits all approach. Trust your Winnipeg Chiropractor to know how to customize your therapy protocol to fit your individual circumstances and relieve those painful symptoms.

To find out more about how Dr. Riley Klassen at Westwood Family Chiropractic can help ease your suffering, call for an appointment today.

For more information on sports and other injury care services, please contact or visit:
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