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Meet Tina Goutsos

Athletic Therapist

About Me

Tina grew up in a Greek household in the River Heights area. She grew up playing various sports, but she especially enjoyed playing soccer. She played for the River Heights community centre as well as competitively for a couple of years. She encountered many injuries from rolled ankles, pulled hamstrings, to a partially torn MCL in her knee which ultimately forced her to stop playing soccer. After high school, she got her diploma as a medical office administrator and worked at the Pan Am Clinic in the Sports Medicine department where it re-sparked her love for sport as well as created a new interest for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

When she’s not in the clinic, you can find Tina walking or playing with her new puppy Lulu (half rottweiler, half german shepherd), going to the gym, or playing rec-league soccer.

Tina’s Education and Experience

In 2018, Tina Graduated from the University of Manitoba’s 4 year Bachelors of Kinesiology Degree program specializing in Athletic Therapy. In June 2018, she wrote the Canadian Athletic Therapy national exam where she passed to obtain her credentials as a Certified Athletic Therapist. During her studies, she completed over 1200 practical hours split between clinical placements and field placements. She was fortunate enough to work with the University of Manitoba’s track and field team as their co-head therapist while managing a full course load. During this placement she was able to learn a lot about high impact and running injuries including feet pain, knee pain as well as shin splints. Although she enjoyed working with a sports team, she prefers working with the general public in helping them get back to doing what they love -pain free!

She has extensive experience with manual therapy, diagnosing and addressing musculoskeletal injuries, creating and adapting rehabilitation programs to the specific needs and demands of the patient as well as educating her patients – which she believes is the most important and valuable tool. She also has her certification in acupuncture, cupping, myofascial blading as well as neuroproprioceptive taping (k-tape).

What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapists specialize in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries (which include: bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons). We rehabilitate chronic and acute injuries obtained from sport, recreation, work or motor vehicle accidents. We have great manual skills as well as advanced knowledge in exercise rehabilitation. We look at the body as a whole and treat the cause of injury. This approach results in a faster return to activity and a decreased chance of re-injury.

A misconception about athletic therapists is that we only treat athletes. This is NOT true! We treat people of all ages and all fitness levels.

Athletic Therapy is for everyone!

*Athletic therapy is usually covered under most insurance plans- please check with your insurance provider to see your specific coverage



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