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Westwood Family Chiropractic Patient Reviews

Check out what others have to say about their experience with Westwood Family Chiropractic. Review a selection of our patient success stories below. Please email us or contact our office if you would like to hear about specific cases and conditions.

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4 Day Migraine Gone in One Adjustment!!

I had been getting chiropractic care for years previously to help with a variety to health concerns which it did. I had been getting great results with chiropractic and a lot of my symptoms were getting better. The stress from moving cities had caused something to change and I started to develop migraines with excruciating pain and made it very difficult to sleep. I was unable to focus at work and made it extremely difficult to work. Needless to say every aspect of my life was affected. Dr. Klassen started by taking specific x-rays of my spine and correcting my Atlas. Within my first Atlas adjustment my migraine went away, pain greatly reduced and I could sleep. Chiropractic has changed my life!

~ Amanda


Debilitating Menstrual Cramps Gone!!

I came into see Dr. Klassen not for the typical reason most people would see a chiropractor for. Every single month I was plagued with debilitating menstrual cramps. They were so severe I would have to lock myself in the room and sleep for 2 days until the pain went away. I would not only miss work but any other social events that I had planned. Health truly does affect every aspect of your life. Within the first month or two of coming to see Dr. Klassen my cramps went completely away with just the adjustments! All I did was come in for my appointments and my issues are gone!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Klassen to anyone who is having health concerns! Everyone should do this!

~ Amber B.


Low Back Pain, Dysmenorrhea, Migraines and Neck Pain Gone!!

I had low back pain nearly every day along with migraines and a stiff neck. Every single month I would have painful cycles. I had tried stretching and over the counter medications to help with my concerns but it were only temporary solutions. The problem would always come back. I knew there had to be a cause to these concerns. I meet with Dr. Klassen, he took x-rays and found the subluxations that were causing my concerns and we started to get it corrected. Since coming to the clinic all my issues have gone away! My low back pain is gone, I now have normal cycles with no pain, no more migraines, neck pain is much better, I have a better posture, feel more comfortable plus I have more energy! My whole family is here and we all have got amazing results! I am personal trainer and I recommend this to all my clients!

~ Ana

Low Back Pain, Sciatica, and Headaches Gone!

I had such severe low back pain and sciatica that I could barely move and sometimes I couldn’t feel my legs. It got so bad I could barely pick up objects off the floor, I was missing days off work, and I couldn’t even walk my dog. If that wasn’t enough I also had headaches. I tried taking pain killers and even tried other chiropractors but it didn’t seem to help. I have been coming to see Dr. Klassen for 2 months now and my pain is gone! My low back, sciatica and headaches are gone! Not only is my pain gone but I also have more energy! I am now able to pick up things effortlessly, walk the dog, and I haven’t missed a day of work since I started coming to the clinic! Give this place a try!

~ Ana


Off My Medications!

I had nonstop pain that never went away no matter what I did. I also had sinus issues and I was dizzy all the time. The medical profession did all kinds of tests including MRI’s. They told me that there was no medical reason why I was getting dizzy or why I was having sinus issues. At this point I was put on medications. It got so bad I was missing work and it was difficult to enjoy life. After coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team I am happy to say that I am pain free, my sinuses are normal, I am no longer dizzy and I was able to get off my medications! You will not regret coming to the office!

~ Andrea


Greatly Reduced My Pain Medications and No Longer Need My Walker!

I was taking 10 Tylenol 3 a day because I was in constant pain. I had pain throughout my entire body, especially my neck and low back. I also had arthritic knees and had to use a walker for most of the day. I couldn’t walk more than a few blocks without being in pain. Life was terrible and I was in constant agony. I had tried homeopathic and my general practitioner but there wasn’t much of a change. After only coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team for a couple months things have greatly improved! I feel a lot better and was able to reduce my Tylenol 3’s from 10 a day to just 2 before bedtime. I sleep much better, my balance was improved, and I am able to walk without using my walker. Life is much more manageable since coming into the office. You should definitely check out the clinic, you are going to feel so much better!

~ Carol

Best Decision I’ve made! I’ll Never Stop Coming

I have had Lupus for the past 30 years along with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Needless to say life was exhausting and depression crept in. Most days were spent inside sleeping. I was on a variety of different medications for all my concerns. It was a very hard time in my life. One day when I was one Facebook, I saw a video for Dr. Klassen talking about his patients are getting great results in their health at his clinic. I figured I had nothing to lose and came into the office. It was the best decision I’ve made in my life! I have been coming for 4 months now and my life has greatly improved. I would have never thought I would be able to wake up pain free but I am happy to say I am! I feel great and have gained my confidence back. I would highly recommend coming to see Dr. Klassen and I will never stop coming. The proof in is the pudding. People walk in unhealthy and leave the clinic healthy!

~ Cindi


No More Daily Headaches!

I had headaches every single day. Not only that, I had low back pain every day. Life was stressful and it was very painful. I tried to take medications but they didn’t really work or help. Some days the pain was so bad I had to cancel social events. Every single aspect of my life was affected. After only coming for a few weeks all my pain is gone! I haven’t had any headaches and my back is gone! Work life and home life is much better! I highly recommend coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team!

~ Claudette


Migraines Gone!

I had migraines on a weekly basis along with back pain. I had tried many things before coming into see Dr. Klassen but only got temporary relief. It was so bad that I would struggle with work and when I came home I would have to go to bed. This was especially hard with a family and kids. Every aspect of my life was affected because of migraines. I meet with Dr. Klassen and he found out exactly what was causing the migraines. We started correcting the cause and I’m excited to say that my migraines are gone! My back pain is gone and I don’t get as sick as often! Everything feels significantly better. This has significantly improved my health and it can do the same for you!

~ Ezekiel

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Headaches Greatly Reduced!

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia which is often called “suicide disease” because it causes so much pain. It causes a lot of pain on one side of the face and jaw. On top of that I had headaches multiple times a week and whiplash after my car accident. This made it difficult to sleep and I was tired throughout the day. I had been to dentists and doctors who just put me on strong medications to help with the pain. The medications worked for the pain somewhat but I didn’t want to be on these medications long term. A friend of mine referred to see Dr. Klassen and his team and it has been life changing ! After the first adjustment my headaches are basically gone and best of all I was able to greatly reduce my medications because the Trigeminal Neuralgia pain is basically gone. I am sleeping better and have more energy after only a couple weeks of care.

~ Gloria


No more Anxiety!

I had high anxiety and sleep deprivation walking into see Dr. Klassen. I would function on scattered 5 hours of sleep. So needless to say it was affecting every aspect of my life including home life, student life and grades. I also had anxiety multiple times per week where I would get anxious before big social event or even big tests. I have been coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team for just over a month and my life is completely different! I am now sleeping 8 hours a night, my energy has gone up, my grades have improved, and no more panic attacks! I now look forward to social situations and I feel that I can reach my potential in all aspects on my life! You don’t need to be the typical person in pain to see a chiropractor!

~ Glynnis


This Clinic Gave Me My Life Back!

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis which caused excruciating joint pain. I could barley move and couldn’t work because of the pain. I got sick very quick and it came out of nowhere. I use to be very athletic and now I can’t walk, do laundry, roll over in bed, or even drive. The pain was debilitating. Life was taken away from me in every way. I basically tried everything; medical doctors, medications, medical tests, other chiropractors and things were getting worse. My mom just started as a patient of Dr. Klassen’s and she said you needed to get in here. I started getting adjusted specific to my x-rays and after 5 months my life has changed! My pain has gone away, I am no longer on my pain meds, and I am able to exercise, do laundry, and move without any pain. This clinic is really amazing and it gave me my life back! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

~ Hannah

Great Experience!

I would have back pain whenever I was at school, especially in foods class. Bending forward to cook or clean during the class made it worse. I also got nose bleeds constantly and the doctors said they didn’t know why they were there. They would happen randomly, so sometimes I would have to stop whatever I was doing to stop the bleeding. I’m happy to say that after getting my spine corrected not only do I not have my back pain anymore but my nose bleeds are gone! I highly recommend coming to the clinic!

~ Kyle


This Clinic Will Change Your Life!

I came into the office after my parents were patients and I’m thankful that they brought me in. Before I became a patient I had low back pain, headaches, and random nose bleeds that no one seemed to know why they were happening. I started getting adjusted and it changed my life! I no longer have low back pain, my headaches are gone and I rarely get nose bleeds anymore. My whole family comes to get adjusted to stay healthy! This clinic changed my family’s life and it can do the same for yours!

~ Lawrence


No More Migraines and Lost 15lbs in One Month!

I had migraines 2-3 times a week along with neck and low back pain. My migraines were so bad that I would miss work or even on social events. I had tired chiropractic and physiotherapy before and it helped for a little but my issues would always come back. Since coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team I am much happier! My migraines are down to a headache once a week and my neck and low back pain are virtually gone! I went to one of Dr. Klassen’s Nutrition/Weight Loss workshops and incorporated the simple nutritional advice that he taught me and I’m happy to say that in the first month of switching my eating I have lost 15 lbs! After the first month I’ve decided to continue to eat this way because I feel so good and it is simple to do! You have so much to gain in your overall health by coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team!

~ Melanie

13 years of IBS gone in 2 weeks!!

I had IBS since the birth of my second child. That was 13 years ago. Every aspect of my life was affected. I was always worried about having to leave an important meeting for the washroom or not to go on to long of walks. I had tried many things including medications but nothing worked. I also had a drooping eye, headaches, and insomnia. I initially came in to see Dr. Klassen for my son but after hearing how the body works and how to get sick people well I became a patient. I have been coming for 2 weeks and my IBS is completely gone! My mood is better and I can finally go to sleep and feel rested! My drooping eye is now normal and my headaches are gone! Life is so much easier now! Dr. Klassen and his team are extremely knowledgably and are here to help you! Come in and see for yourself!

~ Niki


Cancelled My Surgery!

I had a herniated disc and was on track to see a neurologist to schedule me in for a surgery. I went to physiotherapy to see if they were able to help me but I think it only made it worse. I wasn’t able perform any daily activates without pain. Every aspect of my life was being affected by the pain in my low back. After meeting Dr Klassen he was able to find exactly what was causing the herniated disc and the low back pain. We started to get it corrected and after coming for one year I have been able to cancel my surgery and get my quality of life back!! I am active again and can now go for walks with my wife!!

~ Rick


I Feel Like a Million Dollars After Coming Here!

Every morning I woke up I felt like I was hit by a truck. I’m 34 years old but felt like I was 100. I had neck issues due to a injury in high school and migraines 2x a week. My neck got so bad some days I wasn’t able to move it. My low back wasn’t the best either and I wasn’t able to touch my toes. I would fight through the day to get through work and have to come home exhausted, often missing social events. After coming to the office for 3 months I can get out of bed and I feel like a million bucks! I am able to touch my toes now and my migraines are pretty much gone! If you have any problems you need to come by and check out the office! You are going to feel just as good as I do after coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team!

~ Scott

This Clinic is Different than Other Clinics!

I had been going to other chiropractors religiously for years with very little results. It wasn’t until one of my friends referred me into the office that I started to get my health back! I had excruciating pain from my shoulders to my head. This resulted in headaches and numbness/tingling into my hands. Every time I would turn my head I would get a sharp clicking pain and some days it was so bad I could barely hold up my head. I had so much pain I had a hard time falling asleep. After coming to Dr. Klassen and his team for 2 months things have greatly improved! My pain is gone, the clicking is nearly gone, my headaches are better, and I can’t remember the last time I had numbness/tingling in my hands. It has made a world of difference in my everyday activities and getting through the day! I tell all my friends about the difference in coming to Dr. Klassen.

~ Sharon


This Clinic is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done!

I was tired, overweight and had no desire to even move. I didn’t sleep very well and a lot of stress came along with it. This affected life at home to the point where I didn’t want to get up in the morning and couldn’t play with my grandson. I was also missing days of work. My husband dragged me to come into the clinic with him and it was the best thing I’ve ever done! I now have more energy, I sleep better, I have lost weight, My flexibility is better, I am less sick, my muscle cramps went away, and I best of all I can now play with my grandson!

~ Susan


No more Medications! This is a Must Do!

Before coming into see Dr. Klassen and his team I had back pain and I was on a few different medications including one for heartburn. I wasn’t sleeping well and edgy because of it. I tried multiple other things but nothing really worked. I have seen great changes since starting in the clinic. I’m off my medications, I’ve lost weight, and I have more energy! What isn’t there to say, it’s been great! You need to come in and see for yourself! This is a must do!

~ Terry

Numbness and Tingling Greatly Improved!

I had lot of numbness and tingling into my hand that kept me up at night leaving me exhausted with no energy. I had hip pain that made walking terrible and had a constant dull headache. Life was crap. I saw a video of Dr. Klassen on Facebook. It made a lot of sense so I decided to come check it out and I’m so thankful I did! My numbness and tingling has greatly reduced in only 6 weeks. My hip pain is gone and now I can walk without it hurting. My constant dull headache is completely gone. I am sleeping much better and have more energy! I would definitely say come check out the clinic! It has helped me!

~ Toni


“A healthy start!”

I have been getting adjusted since birth and I am so grateful that my mom takes me to see Dr. Klassen. This is how my mom takes care of my health. We don’t wait until I am sick and go to doctors to get medications. We come to see Dr. Klassen so that my body can be as healthy as I possibly can! I very rarely get sick, am very happy, never had colic, sleep like a baby, and feed very well. Getting adjusted is going to help me be as healthy as I can possible be for my entire life! Thanks mom!!

– Nicholas


“This clinic will change your life!”

I came into the office after my parents were patients and I’m thankful that they brought me in. Before I became a patient I had low back pain, headaches, and random nose bleeds that no one seemed to know why they were happening. I started getting adjusted and it changed my life! I no longer have low back pain, my headaches are gone and I rarely get nose bleeds anymore. My whole family comes to get adjusted to stay healthy! This clinic changed my family’s life and it can do the same for yours!

– Lawrence


“Beyond a usual chiropractic clinic”

I was unable to walk or move when I first walked into the clinic. I had excruciating low back pain and was off work for a whole week. Every aspect of my life at work and at home was being affected. After only coming for a few months I am happy to say that my pain is gone! I am able to work again, and more importantly, enjoy life. I now understand that this clinic is here for my long term health!

– Bob

“Low back pain gone!”

I tried everything to help with my low back pain. It was constant. I went to physiotherapy, other chiropractors, and massage therapists but nothing helped. My flexibility was also greatly reduced even though I was doing yoga. I have been coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team for a few months and my daily life and routines are much easier. My low back greatly improved, I have increased flexibility, and even have more energy! I have been too many chiropractors and this is the only one that has dealt with these problems! Come to this clinic first!

– Lionel

“No more pain!”

Before coming to see Dr. Klassen I had low back pain and neck pain. I had tried many other options, even other chiropractors, to try to help with the pain with no avail. Once I came into Westwood Family Chiropractic I found that my spine was not in the correct position and my atlas was out. Once Dr. Klassen started to correct my spine my low back pain and neck pain went away!!! I am now able to work construction without any pain!

– Ben


“I no longer need asthma medications.”

I came in because I had a constant cough and the doctors wanted me on Asthma medications. This was not how I wanted to live my life. Once I started getting adjusted the cough was gone and I no longer needed the asthma medications. Plus when I got ear infections I came in right away for an adjustment and they cleared up right away!! No medication needed. I know that I can live a healthy life and not need any medications, all I need is chiropractic adjustments which will allow my body to fight anything!! I get excited when I come in for my adjustments, I love it!! It allows me to be happy, healthy and very active, I love playing on the monkey bars and play all types of sports.

– Savannah

“Chiropractic saved my life!”

I was lost and detached from the world before I was referred into Westwood Family Chiropractic. I was on three different medications for chronic fatigue, anxiety and chronic back pain. When I first started I was able to get off of all my medications, but because my health issues were in such a crisis, other health concerns popped up. I was getting results, but my body just needed more time. I had a stillbirth pregnancy, an overactive thyroid, thyroid nodules, a weight loss of 40 pounds and my period had stopped. Feeling lost and alone, I was even feeling isolated from my own family, I didn’t socialize anymore and I couldn’t work. This was a huge wake up call for me and I knew that I had to do something different.

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So we did everything it took and made some drastic changes. We sold our house to afford care, continued to get adjusted, and started to implement the five essentials. Westwood Family Chiropractic gave me what no other medical system ever did, they gave me hope and educated me on what true health is. Since then I’ve been able to regain my health. Because I was patient and gave my body time, my thyroid nodules haven’t grown and I was able to balance out my own hormones while increasing my weight. The best part of it all is now I’m a part of my family again, my daughter has her mom back to enjoy all the wonderful adventures she’s a part of and I’m able to have a relationship with my husband instead of him taking care of me. Plus I’ve started working again!

Chiropractic not only saved my life, but it save my family’s life.

– Chiristine


“I have a new life because of Chiropractic Care!!”

My health concern coming into Westwood Family Chiropractic wasn’t originally for me, but for my wife who was extremely sick. But then I discovered that I was just as sick. I couldn’t sit still for more than 2 minutes, my hips, knees and joints always hurt. I was on allergy medications every day, plus I was battling PTSD since I got back from my tour overseas. My weight kept increasing and they had to put me on a sleep apnea machine. But the worst part was that I had lost all of my energy, which meant that I couldn’t be active and keep up with our daughter.

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I was at a dead end because everything that I was doing wasn’t helping and I knew that I had to do something different. Plus I knew that I didn’t want to go on medications for my PTSD. It was a blessing that a friend of ours who seen us struggling referred us into Westwood Family Chiropractic, I’m so grateful that she did!!
After being adjusted I lost 60 pounds, I no longer have pain and I actually sit still! I’m off of my allergy medications and no longer suffer from allergies, I actually have two cats to prove it! I’m also able to manage my PTSD without medications. The best part is that I’m enjoying the things that Dads do best…playtime!
I’m so refresh in the mornings when I get up, I sleep better and I’m not stressed out anymore. I’m able to concentrate better therefore being able to balance a very active lifestyle with family and being in the military. My wife loves it to because I’m not keeping her up all night with restless nights and snoring, therefore getting the sleep she needs.

I have a whole new life and all because of Chiropractic Care!

– Darrell

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