New Year, New Intentions

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Now that we’ve covered the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions, we thought it would be fun to post some potential resolutions or intentions that have nothing to do with them!

Why? Because health encompasses more than just a number on a scale, or when we slip up and eat certain foods or spend on something for ourselves. Total health includes feeling good mentally, emotionally AND physically. If there’s one thing to take away from this list, it’s that your overall intention for 2020 should just be to PRIORITIZE YOUR WELLNESS.

Without further ado, here are some of our suggestions of intentions or resolutions to set so you can optimize your well-being!

1. Cut back on refined sugar.

Okay, so this one kind of revolves around a healthy diet, but the benefits of reducing your refined sugar intake are numerous and we know you’ll notice a difference.

2. Sleep More.

Prioritize your sleep! Starting your day off with a proper night’s rest always feels great, and you’re more likely to have an improved mood and intentions for your day!

3. Take up Meditation.

Meditation is great for rewiring your brain to focus, and to focus on meaningful thoughts instead of those stress thoughts that often invade our brains. Meditation has also been linked to physical wellness too!

4. Floss.

We’re serious! Flossing is good for your physical health, and really, nobody wants to be caught with something accidentally stuck between their teeth!

5. Create a New Routine.

Whether it’s when you’re waking up or going to bed, creating a new ritual can be physically, mentally and emotionally grounding.

6. Try an activity you’ve ALWAYS wanted to try!

There’s no time like the present! Give yourself permission to try that new hobby, you’ll thank yourself for it later! Even if the experience isn’t everything you dreamed, it’s still a great feeling to check something off a bucket list.

7. Focus on Gratitude.

Similarly to practicing meditation, focusing on gratitude (instead of complaining) can rewire your brain into focusing on the positives, giving you a happier outlook on life! Plus, it never hurts to remind yourself that even when times get tough… there are good things out there to be thankful for. No matter how small.

8. Go for More Walks.

Walking is great for your body and mind, and it also lets you explore new places! Whether you stay conscious the whole walk, or if you let your mind wander, you’re sure to feel better after getting outside and moving.

9. Cut Back on Social Media

Social media can be a black hole that not only takes away hours from our days but can also make us feel bad. Scale back your social media and clear out the accounts you follow that do anything but make you smile!

10. Spend Time with People Who Think Differently.

Not just differently in general, but people who have different views than you. Obviously, we don’t mean people who tend to follow discriminatory views but opening your mind up to people who think differently breeds empathy and better understanding of others around us.

11. Drink More Water.

We know you’re not hydrated enough. Show your body some love and keep a reusable bottle of water nearby as often as you can. It’s good for you physically and will keep your brain happy too!

12. Compliment More People.

And compliment them on more than their appearances! Genuine compliments not only make us happy but will also put a smile on the face of the person receiving them.

13. Spend Time Alone.

Invest in yourself by setting up some alone time. Whether it’s being alone at the house, or taking yourself out on a date, being comfortable doing things without other people is great for your mental health.

14. Volunteer More.

Figure out what causes mean the most to you and volunteer some of your time to organizations that are aligned accordingly. You’ll feel great and make a lasting impact in meaningful ways!

15. Wear Sunscreen.

Natural sunscreen is preferable to super chemical-based sunscreens, but either way you should do your skin a favour and keep it protected! The sun supplies us with Vitamin D so opt for sunscreen on the days where you’re getting extra long sun exposure but let your skin get that sun on shorter outdoor trips.

16. Set Boundaries.

Don’t stretch yourself thin! Honor your time and limitations by saying NO to things and people who don’t serve you. It may mean missing out on things at first, but if they were things that drained you… it’s not so bad!

17. No Phones at Bedtime.

Stop using your phone before you’re about to fall asleep! You’ll have a deeper, more restful sleep, and you’ll be less inclined to scroll until the early hours of the morning.


It’s 2020! You’ve done so much with yourself over the past year, celebrate all those accomplishments. If it was a hard year, celebrate the fact that you’re still here and you managed to make it through.

We are all wishing you the Best Of Health, and hope that 2020 can be your BEST YEAR YET!!



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