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Additional New Patient Reviews

Pain Free Solution is Definitely Found Here

As a carpenter my job can put a toll on my body; I had injured my back pretty bad by doing a lot of heavy lifting. The things I do for my job put a lot of stress on my body. The upper and lower back pain I would experience was affecting not only my job but my quality of life in general. I had tried massage therapy to relive the pain; it felt better but only for a little while. I have been coming to the clinic for 3 months now and my upper and lower back pain has improved. I have also notice that I have increased energy and my sleep has improved which is a bonus. I am able now to go to work pain free! Dr. Klassen’s clinic is a great place to come; I am feeling way better. I definitely recommend coming to the clinic 100%, anyone looking to be pain free should definitely come check out the clinic.

~ Andrej



Preventative Health is Far Easier to Address Than the Problems Afterwards

Migraines and tension headaches was something I was dealing with on a weekly basis since I was a teenager; I found that I would have to run my life around my migraines. I had gotten to the point where it just felt normal; I thought that this was just the way my life was going to be. Living with migraines for years like I had, I just expect that if I wanted to go out or do any of the things I enjoy I just couldn’t because a migraine would spring up. The triggers were unknown and this made it very frustrating to manage and live with. I dealt with hours of my life just disappearing, I just accepted the fact that I would be out of commission; the dangerous part of all of this was it didn’t even occur to me to get my migraines treated by a professional and find a solution. I was definitely that person who though migraines and headaches were a normal thing. I have been treated by Dr. Klassen for my migraines for 6 weeks and I am happy to report that my migraines have gotten far better. Since I started coming to the clinic I haven’t experience a single migraine! Read More>>>

My need or reliance on medications are a thing of the past. I have found that not only have my margarine gone away but I have more energy, my posture is better and my ability to focus is stronger. I am able to fully commit and engage is social events; I no longer accept that migraines are normal. I definitely recommend coming to this welcoming environment. Everyone is going to have certain health concerns that they wouldn’t even think could be treated by chiropractic. Dr. Klassen can address your health concerns in ways that I would have never expected. An important point to make is that chiropractic isn’t just for those who have been in an accident or want to treat pain related symptoms but rather it for your everyday preventative health. The maintenance is always far easier than dealing with the problem afterwards.

~ Chris

I Can Walk Again

Prior to coming to the clinic I was having difficulty walking anywhere. If I were at the grocery store I would have to stop and sit down numerous times. My Sciatica was so bad; I was losing my quality of life. I had tried so many thing over a 4 year period to relive my pain such as other Chiropractor who performed spinal traction and torque tension release techniques but nothing was working. I had become reliant on pain medications but I was still having difficulty walking. I had an appointment with the pain clinic which I cancelled due to the improvements I received through Dr. Klassen’s care. I have been coming to the clinic for 4 months now I am happy to report I can jump! I no longer experience the pain I had been for 4 years. I can walk, I can go grocery shopping and I am able to work far more hours at work. I think it’s important to invest in your health, that’s when you’ll see the best results. I think this is the best place to go for any health concerns.

~ Cindy


Feel 1000% Better

Prior to seeking Chiropractic treatment I was plagued with horrible headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It had gotten so bad that some days it made it impossible to work. I had seen General Physicians for my symptoms but was only given medications. I had tried numerous massage session to elevate the pain but the relief would only last about a day. I had gotten myself so sick that I could only make it through half a day; the remainder of the day I just felt useless. Since seeking treatment from Dr. Klassen I feel 1000% better. I have regained my life; not only did Chiropractic treatment help with my headaches but I also noticed many other improvements in my health! I have regained my life and feel far more productive at work and in my personal life. Thank you Dr. Klassen!!!

~ Colin

I Am 72 Years Old and I Take NO Medications

I was in a car accident where I suffered from whiplash which caused me to experience daily headaches and severe neck pain. I was referred to the clinic by my daughter in-law. I had just reached a point where I could no longer stand the pain I was experiencing. This affected my life in a way that I could barely function; I was uncomfortable, on edge emotionally and I was unable to concentrate. Since coming to the clinic my neck pain and headaches have drastically improved. I happy to report that as a 72 year old woman I am active, healthy and take no medications of any kind. I certainly recommend coming to the clinic; it works for me. If you experience any health related issue that you’re not happy with seek treatment from Dr. Klassen. I got more than just pain relief; I was educated to understand the spine and how it controls every part of your body.

~ Elaine


Great Results are Found Here

When you experience neck and back pain like I had you will know how frustrating it can be to find relief. I would try just about anything but my symptoms just got worse. My neck and back pain would be so bad I was unable to eat, unable to attend social events. I was living my life around my pain. Chiropractic has helped me so much. Not only has Dr. Klassen given me the relief I was looking for but he educated me on how my nervous system can affect my overall health; I was able to see just how out of alignment I was and what action we were going to take to correct it. My experience here at the clinic has been exceptional. I no longer suffer from this debilitating pain. I feel healthier, more active and I sleep way better at night. I no longer live my life around pain which allows me to engage in more social events. I no longer have to dread work and the pain I would be in; I actually don’t complain about being in pain anymore. If you’re looking to get some great results come see Dr. Klassen; you’ll thank yourself later!

~ Elysia


Whiplash Pain Gone

I came to the clinic seeking relief from a car accident I was in; due to the accident I was experiencing pain in my lower back, headaches as well as numbness and tingling in my arms down to my hands. I had tried stretching, yoga and massage, the results were not constant or consistent. I knew I had to seek further help to get the relief I was hoping for. I have been seeing Dr. Klassen here at the clinic for 5 months now, the headaches I would experience about 2 times a day has improved to about 1 a week, the numbness and tingling in my arms is gone. I am grateful for my care here at the clinic as I have more energy to spend time with my family and friends, reading and doing all the thing I love to do. Definitely come check it out you have nothing to lose.

~ Gerwaine



Daily Migraines and Scoliosis Pain Much Better! Everyone Needs to Come to This Clinic!

I have scoliosis and I deal with a lot of pain and migraines because of it. The migraines got so bad I was having them on a daily basis. I didn’t miss any work but I probably should of.  I would be dying when I would have a migraine. I initially came in to support my fiancée because of his health concerns but then realized that this could help with my issues. I have been coming for a few months and my life is completely different! I now only have migraines once every two weeks. I’ve been able to cut back the coffee I drink and have more energy than I did before. My life is completely different since coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team and I would recommend this clinic to everyone!

~ Havilah



I Came Here as a Last Resort – My Life Has Never Been the Same

Before coming to see Dr. Klassen I was plagued with chronic migraines, about 2-7 migraines a day. I was unable to function; my migraines were so bad I was unable to go to school, partake in outside activities, sports were hard to do and my social life was non-existent. My migraines were affecting my school life and personal life so badly. I had tried a boat load of things such as Naturopath, many medications, and Acupuncture. My migraines were so debilitating and nothing was working. I came to see Dr. Klassen as a last resort; I am very happy that I made that choice. I have been coming to the clinic for 5 months now and my migraines are down to 1 a week if any at all, also the numbness in my hand has improved as well as there is no sharp pains in my neck; most importantly I was able to graduate high school. Had I not come to the clinic when I did I don’t think graduation would have happened for me. Now my future looks great and I have my quality of life back. This clinic has changed my life!

~ Jonas

5 Day Migraine Gone

Prior to coming to the clinic I was suffering a 5 day migraine. It was awful and very debilitating. As a careered woman, mother and wife I have lots on the go and when you’re plagued with a migraine you cannot function. All I wanted was a dark quiet place and to have no responsibilities but that is not my life. I have had migraines throughout my life and the only thing that has kept me healthy and well has been chiropractic. I have been coming to see Dr. Klassen for 4 months now and I am happy to report that my migraine are gone! I must also mention that this last 4 months have been the best for months of my life. I have been able to flourish with my children, my career, be a better wife and most importantly be a better me because I am healthy. Chiropractic isn’t just for pain you’ll be surprised getting treated here what other ailments can be relieved by chiropractic care.

~ Krystle



In 1 Month I’m Off All My Medications and I Can’t Believe the Difference in My Health

I was struggling with many health concerns before coming to the clinic, severe daily headaches, low back pain arthritis in both knees; I could barely walk. Just functioning everyday was a struggle. I was taking Naproxen, Advil, Tylenol and any other pharmaceutical recommended medications to ease the pain from my headaches. I tried heating pads, massage pads for all my symptoms but nothing gave me relief. After years of many Doctors appointments, Physiotherapy; I had even tried other Chiropractors, just nothing was working. I would fight my way through each day with this excruciating pain that by the end of the day I would just crash. My headaches, arthritis and back pain were affecting my life not only health wise but socially keeping me from all the things I love to do. After coming to the clinic for only 1 month I am 100% better! I can actually function! I don’t get headaches anymore, my back pain has significantly improved and my knees don’t hurt as often; and I have way more energy. Happy to say I no longer have to rely on medication to get me through a day. I had been suffering for nearly a decade and in 1 month I can believe the difference in my health; I am happy and energetic.

I can’t stress enough to get seen by Dr. Klassen; make it a priority!

~ Liane

I Tried Many Practitioners With No Results; Till I Came Here

I was referred by a friend to come check out the clinic; I am really happy I did. I was having low back sciatic pain as well as neck and shoulder pain. I was unable to sleep and had very limited movement. I couldn’t work without getting migraines daily; in addition I was unable to play baseball. I had tried numerous things such as Acupuncture and Massage Therapy with no results. After 6 weeks of treatment I am feeling a lot better. I am able to do more things and my sleep has significantly improved; my sciatica, neck and shoulder pain have also improved. Happy to say I am back playing baseball! I highly recommend coming to the clinic, it’s a great place to come and get pain free. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Klassen sure does a great job at treating my health concerns.

~ Marilei


This Clinic is AMAZING! I Got Off My Naproxen and Morphine!

I had injured my back and was in severe discomfort. I had sciatica down into my legs and I was off for an entire month because I was immobile not being able to sit, stand or drive. On top of this I also had severe headaches. The pain go so bad I was taking a cocktail or medications including Naproxen, Morphine, Advil and muscle relaxors. I had tired non drug approaches like other chiropractors and massage with little results. After 3 months of coming to see Dr. Klassen and his team my life had completely changed! I have full mobility back, I’m back to work full time and I am off all my medications! My headaches are gone and no longer have my Sciatica. Come see Dr. Klassen and his team! They are amazing!

~ Michelle

Better Quality of Life

I came to the clinic in search of some relief from my neck and back pain. It felt as though both my neck and back were in a locked position. I had very low mobility making it hard to move around. No amount of Advil would relive my pain. I was getting to a point where a lot of my life was affected by this pain. I was constantly uncomfortable and had become very moody and wouldn’t sleep very well. I had tried massage to help but I just wasn’t noticing a great change. After coming to see Dr. Klassen I noticed an amazing fast change. I had finally received the relief I was needing. Not only did he correct the problem he also made me aware of daily activities that I was doing in my daily life that were hindering me. Getting adjusted here has been amazing! I no longer have to fight through a day of pain, my quality of life is far better and I am able to garden. Not only were my initial health concerns address but I also noticed I don’t experience headaches any more and I sleep way better at night. I am a more comfortable and happier me thanks to my care here.

~ Stacey


30 years of Chronic Headaches Gone in 3 Months!!

I have had chronic headaches since childhood that no amount of medication would help. I was on several different medications all with really bad side effects. All the medications did was create more problems. Loud noises and periodic irritability affect my life dramatically. I had gotten so frustrated, nothing was helping and I was on my last resort; I even tried cortisone injections at the base of my skull to ease the pain, yet again no relief or results. I have been coming to the clinic for 3 months now and my headaches are down to once a week and I am off all medications. There was time where I was a huge skeptic of chiropractic due to a bad experience; I knew I had to try again to see if this care could help me. I took the plunge and came to see Dr. Klassen, he has helped significantly in my daily struggle with chronic headaches. You have nothing to lose by coming to the clinic.

~ Tammy


Numbness and Tingling in my Hand Has Greatly Improved

I was in excruciating pain due to the numbness and tingling I had been experiencing in my hands. It was so bad it would keep me up at night. I would also experience headaches and hip pain making it difficult to even walk. My quality of life was at a low; I was exhausted and moody all the time. I had gone to other Doctors but they never knew what was wrong. I would put on a “happy face” at work and be drained at the end of the day. After seeing a video on Facebook that Dr. Klassen shared, his patients were getting amazing results; I decided to contact the clinic. I have been coming to the clinic for 6 weeks now and I have seen some great results. I am sleeping better, I am less irritable, I have more energy and the numbness and tingling in my hand has greatly improved. My headaches have disappeared and I no longer experience the hip pain that once limited my walking abilities. I recommend coming to the clinic it has helped me in more ways than one.

~ Toni


Pain is 100% Gone

Before I came into the office I was in major back pain and I could barely walk. I am in the trades so my body is my income. Work was difficult to do but I struggled through it because I knew I had to work. I was exhausted when I came home from work making sports difficult to do. (Which is a big part of my life). I’m ecstatic to say that after coming for a few months I am 100% better and have no more pain. I have also noticed that I have not been sick since I’ve started coming to the office. I am back to working full time, making money, and more importantly back to doing the things I love to do like playing sports.

~ Anastasios


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